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Forest High

Kikandwa, Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi Community School

Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

HIV Training Clinic Phase 1

Mzuzu, Malawi

HIV Training Clinic Phase 2

Mzuzu, Malawi

St Mulumba Teacher's House

Kisege, Uganda

Ankarafa Field Station


Onwards and Upwards School

Buloba, Uganda

Design of the Tracy Emin Library

Design response to a high demand for education and vocational skills in the local area

New lemur research station and accommodation facilities

Designed to meet the educational needs of Buloba town and the surrounding community

Low cost onsite teachers house at St Mulumba Primary School

Phase 2 of the HIV training clinic

New HIV and Malaria treatment centre for Mzuzu University

New Generation Village

Myinga, Burundi

Design of a facility to reconcile street children in Burundi

HYT Classrooms Kawolo School

Lugazi, Uganda

Double classroom block built within the restraints of using ISSB construction

Rubengera Technical Secondary School Masterplan

Rubengera, Rwanda

Masterplan for vocational technical school specialising in carpentry

Detailed design for new kitchen and timber built refectory

Construction of girl's dormitories to

provide on site accommodation

Zecobricks Community Project

Nungwi, Zanzibar

Specification for an ecological sanitation (ecosan) toilet and housing block

Initiative to create recycled eco-bricks in Zanzibar as a building material and teaching tool

Kumel Primary School

Ngora District, Uganda

Exemplar and sustainable classroom block in collaboration with Build Africa

Rubengera Technical Secondary School Kitchen

Rubengera, Rwanda

Rubengera Technical Secondary School Girl's Dormitories

Rubengera, Rwanda

Rubengera Technical Secondary School EcoSan Toilet Block

Rubengera, Rwanda

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