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Outdoor Learning Toolkit

Active Teaching and Learning (ATL) is about making schooling lively and engaging, encouraging pupils to play a part in their learning rather than passively listening to the teacher. It keeps the students at the centre of their education and sees the teacher as a facilitator in the learning process.


The Outdoor Learning Toolkit takes the educational approach of ATL outside, using available space to explore a range of ideas and suggestions. It is written for teachers, head-teachers and other education practitioners who wish to develop their practice and their schools, founded on evidenced based approaches to learning.


Ugandan children living in a rural setting are generally very connected to their natural environment in their daily lives, however, teachers and schools are used to a classroom-based learning mode and will often only use outdoor spaces out of necessity. This guide hopes to bring some inspiration and creativity to utilise outside space for stimulating learning.


The guide begins with ideas and examples of ATL aimed to spark interest and ignite creativity. The intention is that these ideas can be developed and adapted to each school's specific context and site. The examples include:  use of subject relevant materials, building dens, creating gardens, and making maps of regions or schools.


Following on from these examples is the project planning stage, where aims, objectives and activities can be set.


Please adapt, copy, add to and circulate the ideas and principles in this guide and have fun with it!


This guide has been written by John Cleverley on behalf of the Feilden Foundation.

Download the Outdoor Learning Toolkit here

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