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Rubengera Technical Secondary School


Rubengera, Rwanda


Communaute Diocesses Abaja Ba Kristo



Rubengera, Rwanda


In the four years since its inception Rubengera Technical Secondary School has established a name as one of the best carpentry schools in Rwanda. As the school’s success has gathered pace, so has the need for the development of new facilities.


As part of our work we produced a detailed design for a new kitchen and a timber-built refectory intended to be a showcase for the school’s technical expertise and act as the social heart of the school and the community. As the kitchen and catering provision has become stretched, and when the existing kitchen building, borrowed from neighbours, was reclaimed late last year, the need for new facilities became critical.


The brief for the new kitchen was for it to be built quickly, be a well-ventilated safe environment and reduce fuel bills where possible. It incorporates both a traditional style Rwandi charcoal burning oven, alongside new amenities including a gas-powered cooker. The charcoal burning oven evolved into a proposal for four highly-efficient rocket stoves that can burn both small diameter wood fuel or sawdust briquettes, made from workshop cast-offs, in an insulated chamber.

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