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Rubengera Technical Secondary School


Rubengera, Rwanda


Communaute Diocesses Abaja Ba Kristo



Rubengera, Rwanda


Rubengera Technical Secondary School, set into the verdant landscape of Western Rwanda’s Kibuye province, is a vocational technical school specialising in carpentry. The school, led by the sisters of Abaja ba Kristo, in co-operation with the German DGD Foundation has ambitious plans to grow and expand its facilities to many more, young Rwandese.


The Feilden Foundation is working together with the school to develop a masterplan illustrating their vision for the new school facilities, including future workshops, classrooms, a kitchen and refectory, dormitories, a business hub, and a polytechnic.


Rubengera TSS, having already done much to bring about positive change and a brighter future for its local community, aims to set a new benchmark in carpentry schools that raises the standards of teaching practice in a supportive learning environment within excellent new facilities. The future prospects of the students are strengthened through their craft and their teaching in teamwork and leadership skills. It’s hoped that long term significant improvements will be brought about in the professional practice of the country’s carpenters and in the Rwandan timber industry.

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