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Mzuzu HIV Training Clinic Phase 2

Mzuzu, Malawi


Mzuzu University



Mzuzu, Malawi




After completion of Phase 1 in 2005, we returned to Mzuzu University ten years on to build Phase 2 of the HIV training clinic. As in Phase 1, the building adopts an unconventional design for Africa - a timber frame load-bearing structure, in-filled with stabilised soil blocks. The idea was to develop a prototype construction system that the University can adopt to use for themselves, that provides an assembly system - almost a kit of parts - that can be quickly and efficient erected.


Jonathan Clements, FCBS architect volunteer who took a 6-month sabbatical to deliver the building on site alongside the local construction team, has documented a detailed and illustrated account of the whole building process from start to finish, and the experience of living in Malawi on his blog Mzungu in Mzuzu.

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