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Onwards and Upwards School

Buloba, Uganda


PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools)



Buloba, Uganda



February 2008


Number of students: 

800+ (as of 2015)

The Feilden Foundation worked in close partnership with fellow charity PEAS* (Promoting Equality in African Schools) helping with the design and build of the school. The Feilden Foundation was principally responsible for producing the architectural drawings for the construction of the school, as well as providing several architects to over-see the building works.


Located just outside the Ugandan capital city Kampala, Onwards & Upwards was designed to meet the educational needs of Buloba town and the surrounding community in the district of Wakiso. By the end of the first term alone, more than 200 students had enrolled and over 20 local people had been given employment. Today it is now home to nearly 1000 students, PEAS largest school.


The work and learning through building the Onwards & Upwards School instigated the Feilden Foundation’s undertaking to create an illustrated Ugandan School Design Guide to provide basic school design principles and parameters for local people.


The name, ‘Onwards & Upwards’ was one of Richard Feilden’s motivating expressions. It reflects the aspirational spirit of the school and its community. Today O&U continues to be a PEAS-led school, benefiting from its expertise and advice.


*PEAS is a charity which provides low-cost secondary school education. They focus on providing very high level of education in their schools through supportive teacher training and strong governance of the school which involves the local community at a low-cost price for local families. The school also provides boarding facilities for children who have no local family home to return to. You can read more about their work and the school here.

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