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Download Feilden Foundation's new Outdoor Learning Toolkit

‘Learning outdoors is the natural way that children approach discovery across the world.’

Feilden Foundation’s new Outdoor Learning Toolkit, written by John Cleverley, is now available to download.

This guide is written for education practitioners in Uganda who wish to develop their teaching practices.

Bringing the educational approach of Active Teaching and Learning (ATL) to the outside environment, this practical guide is packed full of examples, ideas and photographs to make it as relevant to the user as possible.

We hope that as you read it, you will find the examples and activities suggested both inspiring and achievable for your school community.

Find out more and download the guide here.

John taught in the UK for several years and spent a year as a teacher and educational adviser whilst living in Uganda. He has written this guide to help others investigate the opportunities of Active Teaching and Learning in the outdoor environment.


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