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WASHaLOT systems installed for 11 schools in Kabale

Feilden Foundation have donated money for the installation of WASHaLOT systems to the 11 schools of the Community of Practice initiative.

The final steps of the installation process took place mid January for ten out of the eleven schools and now all have working WASHaLOT systems, with the final school hoping to receive one in the near future. The systems promote communal hand washing before eating, allowing multiple pupils to wash their hands at the same time. The systems are also designed to release water manually when touched and thereby reduce water consumption.

The decision to help with the implementation of the WASHaLOT systems came from an extensive report carried out by our field officer Paul Kimera about the water, sanitation and hygiene technologies of each school. Working with trustee Neil Harvey they then came up with a plan of how we could best help each school improve these facilities.

As well as these systems the funding covers all schools to also receive water treatment components which we hope will be installed next month.

The Community of Practice (COP) is an initiative set up by the Feilden Foundation and All Our Children to provide an educational offer alongside our architectural offer. COP provides an exemplar model of ways in which a community of schools could work collaboratively to achieve improvements in the areas of active teaching and learning, behavioural management and school environment and sanitation. Alongside these theoretical approaches, the Feilden Foundation are proud to have been able to help provide some of the physical equipment needed to assist with the sanitation side of the programme.


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